21 Jul

Playing the part of a singer/songwriter for Joe's at the Soho Playhouse

5 Jul

Modern Robot plays Night of the Living Dead at the Cameo Art House Theater

24 May

Music for AQUAdance
Adding ukulele music to the first-ever water ballet at the Orlando Fringe (review)

18 May

Arbuckle and Keaton in "The Hayseed"
Pop-up ukulele show at the Orlando Fringe

9 May

Playing songs; guest spot with J. Timber and Joel Henry

2 May

Accompanying Steve Mitchell's reading at Bookmarks

17 Apr

Opening set at Smith & Edge

12 Apr

A reading at Park Road Books from Steve Mitchell's book; with Rachel York

8 Apr

Baby Tooth
Playing guitar with Emily Stewart at Stage 11 House Concerts

1 Feb

Playing guitar for the 2018 US/Canada tour of PostSecret: The Show

25 Jan

Movie premiere; a short documentary I made about one strange night in Shanghai


14 Dec

20 Nov

Modern Robot plays atomic tests at OPOTW

11 Nov

Singing and playing originals

28 Oct

Modern Robot plays Night of the Living Dead at Hell's Kitchen

24 Aug

Guest musician at Joe's Edinburgh Fringe performance

12 Jun

On-site filming and recording

28 May

Playing drums at the Southern Friend Sunday Orlando Fringe closing

23 May

With new Studio One communication and new layout options

1 May

At PlayMakers, guitar/drums for a new play by Mike Wiley and Laurelyn Dossett

20 Apr

Modern Robot plays at the revived GSOFest

6 Mar

One week at Cash Cabin Studio shooting documentary footage for Gailanne Amundsen

25 Feb

In the pines with Emily Stewart

10 Feb

Playing songs at On Pop

24 Jan

With Eric Sommer, playing guitar for Emily Stewart

20 Jan

At Scuppernong Books, a marathon performance of the Woody Guthrie song


13 Dec

With bunches of new keyboard shortcuts and workflows

5 Dec

Modern Robot will be bringing Night of the Living Dead to Orlando 2017

3 Dec

Recording audio for Krisztina Dér's DMA dissertation project

26 Nov

Playing electric keyboard for Cathalyn at Urban Grinders

11 Nov

Original guitar music for Steve Mitchell's short story; with Abigail Dowd

23 Oct

Plays keys in disguise, including "Spooky"

23 Oct

Crossroads plays the "must-attend horror event of October" at Cinema Village

20 Oct

A Modern Times Mfg video: Ric Robertson and Nick perform live

24 Sep

At the Crossroads is selected one of four Best of Fringe shows and all-over Techie's Choice

10 Sep

"Spine-tingling treatment from silent movie musical maestros Modern Robot"

9 Sep

Playing electric keys with Laurelyn Dossett and others

25 Aug

New features!

17 Aug

Performing at DROM Aug 17, 18, 20, 22, 24

31 Jul

Wherein a banjo player and documentarian ukulele wander the Middle Kingdom

6 May

Guitar accompaniment at Scuppernong Books

23 Apr

Being a baby tooth with Emily Stewart

18 Apr

And now you can see the film

16 Apr

Solo show, and In 'N' Out, at GlenwoodBooks, 4pm

7 Apr

Playing B3, Rhodes and some guitar bits.

7 Apr

Piano, organ, and some things I'm probably forgetting.

16 Mar

From Triad City Beat, a profile and review of Premonition 1965

12 Mar

Modern Robot with with Bloody Molly, NYP

5 Feb

Notion for iOS wins in the category Audio Apps for Smartphones & Tablets


23 Nov

In Chennai to attend IndiEarth XChange

4 Oct

Banjo Earth begins the journey

6 Sep

Zen Poets + Quilla + Ben Singer at The Crown at the Carolina Theatre

16 Jul

Audio for Rhiannon Giddens/Monkeywhale video

4 Jul

The Broken Parts on stage by The Carolina Theatre

25 Jun

Album layout and design

11 Jun

Chatting up tomorrow's show

22 May

Playing keys for Cathalyn

17 May

Playing with Miniboone/Taylor Bays and the Laser Rays/Nathan Weeks and the Freaks

1 May

Greensboro First Friday
Solo show at Hudson's Hill

3 Apr

MD and keyboard for Suzy McCalley's Winston-Salem production

20 Mar

A Spring Equinox Celebration, playing drums for Andy Eversole


5 Dec

Performing a month-long run at Triad Stage

15 Nov

Playing at NYP with Eric Sommer and Come Hell or High Water

10 Nov

Rock n roll at NYP

29 Oct

Audio editing and mixing

19 Oct

And enjoying the keyboards at Fidelitorium Recordings

28 Sep

Playing silent film at Goodbye Blue Monday

19 Sep

At NYP with Kit Dean/Jack Carter/The Raving Knaves

18 Jul

First release under PreSonus

13 Jul

Recording audio and video

2 Jul

Wherein Ben may be a genius.

28 Jun

With Empire for Rent

27 Jun

Modern Robot plays at the Green Bean

22 Jun

Playing with Joyspent and Iron Man

14 Feb

A tale of reincarnation, by Andrew Eversole