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Ben Singer


Laura Boswell

Laura Boswell and I recorded most of the music on this album in 2012. I was really happy to work on it because she’s got such an obvious talent. She writes her songs with both technical sophistication and a very musical feel; the music is filled with intricate rhythms and interesting harmonies. Laura is a great guitarist, pianist, and banjo player (kinda ridiculous) and the album really shows all these sides of her playing.

After all the basic track were recorded, we started layering, adding acoustic bass, viola, and a bit of electric guitar. Laura also wanted drums on a couple tracks. I’d been practicing drums and slowly putting together my kit and decided to give it a shot. And 30-or-so takes later, I started to be pretty happy with it! You can hear that on “Counting Eyes” here, which is my favorite track of the album.

Laura is now at USC, working on her MA in classical guitar performance.

She has a kickstarter up right now too:

Photo by LazyCat

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